First post from the SPQR Lab

Getting ready to work for Dr. Honeyman and the Security and Privacy Research Group for the summer.  I have good notes on where we’ve been and how to run the software. Yesterday and today have been spent setting up my workstation, getting building access, printer drivers, parking passes, and writing brief descriptions of the three projects we’ll be working on.

  1. I’ll be working on Faux Memorial Hospital (FMH) while Evan is away for the summer.  His blog contains lots of information about the history of the project, the set-up details, and the previous issues they’ve had.
  2. We’ll be embedding RFID readers into a couch in order to test the security and privacy of various devices that emit RFID, and products designed to prevent this data leakage.
  3. Near the end of the summer, we’ll be working with High School kids on a project involving FitBits and data analysis.

I’ll post updates here, and tag each project accordingly.


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